Stress Free Vacations

Your home is probably the single most valuable investment or asset you possess. If you have left your home for extended periods of time, you already know that it is very difficult to have a hard earned and valued property sit idle without thinking "what if..." Some homeowners ask a friend or neighbor to check on their home during their absence. Perhaps you do, and for some this is an acceptable method. But it's important to keep in mind that your neighbor, while diligent and well meaning, likely does not have the training to find a hidden problem, or the expertise to fix it.

At Chasse Home Maintenance and Repair, Inc. our HomeWatch service provides detailed inspections of your property, inside and out, at predetermined intervals. We report back to you in detail the results of each inspection. If something requires attention, we work with you to correct it quickly. Early detection limits the extent of the damage, as well as the cost to repair it. Often we can avoid a bigger problem by addressing it before it causes any damage to your home or its contents. Sometimes damage is unavoidable such as in the case of a burst pipe, but we can work wirh you on a plan to prevent a future occurance (in this example, we can install an automatic temperature sensor to that you know if the temp in your home is nearing dangerous levels),

Our visits are custom designed with you before you leave, to ensure that your concerns and requirements are met, and that your home will be just as "sweet" when you return as it was when you left!

Please look below to see a sample of our HomeWatch services. Additional services are available, and can be custom designed for your home.